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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES; InkPlus is looking; C & F, Distributors, Dealers in every States of India, and every countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, and Pacific Countries of the world, InkPlus Printing Solutions and Computer Hardwares etc., is the best business in the world and constant earning source of assured income of any business in the Industry. InkPlus has already proved this business modules by testing market, InkPlus can prove it to the interested clients around the world, please contract to : [email protected] or chat to the officer-In-Charge on sales.
  The Company like "ISE Cards India Limited" which provides all products and services in One-Stop-Office

About Us - InkPlus & ISE Cards India Limited

Welcome to the ISE Cards India Limited is a Group of Companies, whose business mainstay is IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Electronic Goods, Computer & Hardwares, Consumer Goods, products and Services etc., More specifically, this means to organically fuse and exchange the characteristics of group companies and business partners, as a way of honing expertise that allows us to meet the broadly diverse demands of customers in a wide range of fields around the world.

As an IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, products and Services etc., company, ISE Cards India Limited’s brands include InkPlus, MRI-Real Estate, Mybasera-B2B Portal, Buktel-IT & Telecom, Primex Logistics, ISE Student Cards, ISE ID Cards Solutions LibaasIndia-Textiles & Handocrafts, Rolex Elevators, Inkplus, Bultel, Rolex and has become one of the business sectors well known success stories having achieved an annual average growth of over 100% for the last 5 years.tories having achieved an annual average growth of over 100% for the last 5 years.

Over the years, ISE Cards India Limited has developed from an organisation that helps ISE own brands, and international companies to implement and manage objective exports and imports networks (IICCI Chamber) driven National Director, Chairman of National Branch/Chapter, Official of IICCI economic benefit solutions to becoming one of the largest and most trusted providers of global business and services network to individuals and companies alike.

The ISE Cards India Limited has moved into overseas markets by operating out of Asia and tapped into many other fields with our flexible products, as well as by selling all kind of products as Exports and Imports Worldwide.

Through the dedicated and highly focused operations of its subsidiaries, ISE Cards India Limited provides the complete ‘supply chain’ of IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, products and Services from product placement, to fulfillment, to service and demand and supply management facilities.

Whilst many organisations talk about customer service and ‘quality management’, a total commitment to service pervades the entire group of ISE Cards India Limited. Expenditure on training and staff development is well above the industry average whilst ISE Cards India Limited only recruits specialist personnel with a proven track record in delivering results. These facets help to promote the highest levels of internal team motivation ensuring that the client receives a level of service that is truly ‘second to none’.

Part of the success of ISE Cards India Limited can also be attributed to heavy investment in IT & Infranstructures. All customer systems are tailor-made by the company and are focused on delivering highly efficient service processes that place ISE Cards India Limited at the forefront of the business and industry sectors worldwide.

Today,ISE Cards Indian Limited’s innovative and strategic focus has ensured the company not only continues to grow but also that the business and industry in which it operates continually evolves, and for which the Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry - IICCI exclusive global commercial partnership has helped the ISE Cards India Limited to achived all globally.

The ISE Cards India Limited - (A Group of Companies)

The ISE Cards India Limited (A Group of Companies) has a wide range of products and services ranging from IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, products and Services etc. Please see the list below for some ISE Cards India Limited’s group of companies.

ISE Cards India Limited
Official Website- Click Here
Meraj Realty Infranstructures Private Limited
Official Website- Click Here
Primex Logistics Private Limited
Official Website- Click Here
Rolex Elevators Private Limited
Official Website- Click Here
Meraj Distributors
Official Website- Click Here

Our InkPlus -business sphere is progressively expanding toward the future.

ISE Cards India Limited is a public limited company, and established in 2001 and joint-venture with MNC company (USA), InkPlus also is brand name as a NAME behind the NA
ME. InkPlus has developed InkPlus CISS Printing Solutions, cost-wise cheapest and quality printing in the world. InkPlus has also started re-manufacturinng Ink & Toner Cartridges as better as OEM with world class quality & supplying full of accessories..

Our emphasis to reach every private sectors, government sectors, multinational companies, small manufacturing enterprizes, school, colleges etc., and its potential customers with the great quality Ink & Toner Cartridges, which ultimate reducing cost saving atleast 40% to 50% by using InkPlus (Ink & Toner) Cartridges of these above sectors, The InkPlus is using latest technology and great process of producing Ink & Toner Cartridegs as better as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Ink & Toner Cartridges with competitive prices..

InkPlus is committed to provide World’s finest and top quality Ink & Toner Cartridges, and accessories to the Customers across the country as well as globe.

We service to more than 100 + dealers / distributors in the cities of Uttar Pradesh and other part of the country (India) and are on the lookout for more dealers / distributors in other metropolitan cities of India. With a strong dealer network / trade channel partnership already established, we are poised to add other brands and categories under our Distribution network and make it grow in the same manner as our marketing activities..

InkPlus is a division of ISE Cards India Limited ( which is one of the leading MNCs (USA) Company and Distributors of various consumer electronics products in India since 2001.

The ISE Cards India Limited is also Exclusive Commercial Partner (ECP) of “Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization” (ITHEPO) the website is Click Here we are mainly dealing with Handicrafts & Textiles products i.e. Stoles & Scarves, Bed Linen; Cotton Bags; Curtains; Cushion Covers; Durries; Fabrics; Table Linen; Tassels; Terry Products , Suiting & Shirting, Leather-Jackets, Leather- Wallets (ladies & gents) Leather-Handbags, T-shirt etc. Our company is exporting to all over the World. Our company has expertise to produce any products on buyer's demand with their own customized design design.




Dr. Mohammed Seraj Ansari

It is an exciting time to be in the business world in India as the country goes through the information revolution, industrial revolution and educational revolution in the 21st century.

My vision is based on the assumption that we have "lived" our mission statement - our purpose - and have achieved our strategic business objectives.

Our mission & business purpose is to serve our customers and the community as a whole. We will serve them with services & products that are innovative and more efficacious than those offered by our competitors. Quality is delivery of increasingly higher levels of service to our customers (IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, products and Services etc.,). The ISE Cards India Limited idea was to help world community as well as customers, partners by enabling them to high class products and services.

The ISE Cards India Limited is inspired by its vision to make a meaningful difference through the enlargement of its contribution to the national economy as well as global economy with the partnership of Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry -IICCI. We have pledged to sustain our position as one of India's most valuable corporations, powered by a relentless commitment to world-class performance and creation of enduring value for the Company's stakeholders and the Indian economy. It is our unwavering belief that the larger purpose of business is to serve society - through cutting-edge innovation that delivers the best value to the products and services by ISE Cards India Limited backed by exemplary governance that embodies the spirit of investors.

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