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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES; InkPlus is looking; C & F, Distributors, Dealers in every States of India, and every countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, and Pacific Countries of the world, InkPlus Printing Solutions and Computer Hardwares etc., is the best business in the world and constant earning source of assured income of any business in the Industry. InkPlus has already proved this business modules by testing market, InkPlus can prove it to the interested clients around the world, please contract to : or chat to the officer-In-Charge on sales.
  Get Your World Cheapest Ink & Toner Cartridges From InkPlus - ISE Cards India Limited

Ink Cartridges

ISE Cards India Limited is a public limited company, and established in 2001 and joint-venture with MNC company (USA), InkPlus also is brand name as a NAME behind the NAME. InkPlus has started re-manufacturinng Ink Cartridges as better as OEM with world class quality & supplying full of accessories.

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InkPlus Code No. Compatible With Suitable with Printer
HP Compatible Ink Cartridges...
IP-21A HP C9351(21) DJ 3920/3940/1402/1410/5610/1360/2360/F370/F380/4355
IP-27A HHP C8727A DJ 3320/3325/3420/3535/3550/3650/3744/3745/3845/4255/
    4355/5608/5610/ 1110/1210/1315
IP-56A HP C6656A DJ 5550/PS-7260/7660/145/PSC1350/1315/1210
IP-850 HP C9362Z(850) DJ 5438/1508/7838/3188/6338
IP-851 HP C9364Z(851) DJ C4168/2578/8038/4188/5168/6338
IP-852Z HP C8765(852) DJ 5748/6548/6848/9808/1508/1608/2358/2608/7838/8158/8458/8758/6208/7208
IP-853Z HP C8767(853) DJ 5748/6548/6848/9808/2578/2608/8038/8158/8458/7208/7408
IP-15D HP C6615D DJ 810C/840/3820/948/500/750/930
IP-45A HP C51645A DJ 700C/800C/SRS/1600C/1000CXI/DEJ700/RS/OFFICEJET
IP-78D HP C6578DA DJ 920/930/3820/1180/1220/290

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